How to Make Money Blogging for beginners in 2022: Complete Guide


How to Make Money Blogging:

Wants to make money from blogging? If you have already started a blog just to share your experiences and tips. But over time you saw that you could turn this hobby into an online business. If you don’t even know where to start, we’ll help!

Regardless of the niche, you work in, some initial steps are generic when you want to set up an Online Business. Follow this step by step and turn your hobby into a source of extra income, or even your main source of income.

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Search for existing monetization alternatives

Do a simple google search for: “ ways to monetize a blog ” and you will find a multitude of options available.

We will cite some of them here to guide you a little more.

Include ads on your blog (Google AdSense)

By including banner ads from companies on your site, you will earn a small amount for each view or click that your users make on your ads.

If the number of hits on your blog is high, then you will be able to make a good extra buck to help you out! The more audience, the better these ads perform on your pages.

This strategy on how to make money with a blog is a very simple thing to do that only requires the creation of your Google AdSense account and a simple configuration on the blog.

Promote and sell products

This is a slightly more complex topic. Here are included products that you can promote as an affiliate or even your own products.

You can create e-books, courses, or even produce some kind of physical product to promote and sell through your blog.

If no idea pops into your head, you can then sell other people’s products. That would then be: selling as an affiliate. You start to promote digital or physical products on your blog and for each sale, you will earn a commission.

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Here it is very important that you promote products related to the topic you talk about on your blog and to your target audience. That way, you won’t bother your readers and you’ll be more successful in your sales!

write sponsored articles

Write targeted articles to talk about a particular product or service.

Many companies look for blogs to perform this type of service. In this way, they bet on a much more subtle “ advertising ”, as it will be a person who will be writing about their product and not the company itself.

This has been working a lot on the internet! Mainly articles that review products and services.

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Putting your strategy into practice

After identifying the ways that exist to make money from blogging. It’s time to look for contacts, partnerships, and tools to make it happen!

You will need to work hard for the results to come. Especially at the start of your new online business.

When contacting other people and companies to try a partnership. It is very important that you know how to sell yourself and know how to sell your services. Have a complete Media Kit ready in case someone is more interested in doing business with you.

Do you know what a Media Kit is?

Media Kit will be your showcase or your business card. In this document, you will put your blog numbers in an attractive and convincing way so that other companies and blogs want to partner with you.

Have a very complete Media Kit. If necessary, create different versions focused on the numbers you really want to expose depending on each project.

Make the Media Kit available on any page of your blog, so that people looking for you will have access to your numbers directly.

But in addition to making the Media Kit available, start contacting companies and other blogs in search of partnerships. Present your material so that they can get to know your numbers and potential, and send your proposal now.

Professionalize your brand

If you want your blog to become a real Online Business, you will need to professionalize your brand.

Have a flashy logo that really identifies you as a blog on a certain subject.

Create a color palette for your brand and for all the material you need to create, use those same colors, and always insert your logo.

Let people start to associate your brand according to the content you create and reproduce on your social networks and on your blog. When they need something related to your topic, they will remember you by association with the content you create.


Take on the blog like a job and have consistency

From the moment you start to take on your blog as a work commitment where you depend on it to survive, things will change.

You will put so much energy into this work that little by little your Online Business will start to take shape and before you know it you will be making money from your blog.

First of all, plan. Create goals and know where you want to go! If you don’t have a direction, you will very likely get lost along the way and the project of monetizing your blog could be forgotten and die. Don’t let that happen!

Make that commitment and take your planning tasks seriously.

Work hard on publicity and audience acquisition

Many people believe that having quality content will be enough to attract a good audience, but that’s not quite how it works.

Experts say that the time you had to dedicate to creating content, you’ll need twice as much to promote it.

In other words, be active on social networks and distribute your material on as many communication channels as possible: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Whatsapp, etc. It is very important that your material reaches people!

Maintain a relationship with the audience:

Always being in direct contact with your audience is very important for your business.

Always respond to comments and messages you receive from your readers. Both on the blog directly, and on social networks. Be present!

Help your audience with solutions to their problems and doubts, after all, when people are looking for something on the internet, they seek solutions to their doubts, problems, boredom, and so on.

Build a close relationship with them and become someone they trust. The moment they need some information or indication, they will turn to you and so, in a very natural and spontaneous way, you can offer your products or products that you gain participation!

These were the 6 steps for you to start making money with your blog. Each of them will require a lot of dedication and work on your part!

It sounds simple, but actually having a monetized blog is a real job that will need your commitment and dedication to start working.

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