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Did you know that Kristen Stewart is the highest paid actress in the world in 2012?

She also has an Oscar nomination to her name and is currently making her feature directorial debut with Kristen Stewart's The Chronology of Water.

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In case you didn't know, the film, an adaptation of Lydia Yuknovich's memoir of the same name, will be produced under Ridley Scott's banner Scott Free.

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I'm going to write the best fucking female role, Kristen Stewart once told IndieWire. I am going to write a role that I want badly but I am not going to play it.

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Kristen Stewart said this project has been in the making for five years with the help of Scott Free, and couldn't be more honored to have them as partners and friends.

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Scott Free Productions and Stewart teamed up to make his directorial debut in the short film Come Swim (2017).

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As we've seen of Kristen's short films as a director, there's no doubt she'll bring that same level of style, uniqueness as well as fearless sentiment to The Chronology of Water.

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It's incredibly exciting and the combination of their talents will undoubtedly produce something outstanding for audiences around the world.

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